In this world of darkness, sin and death we sing The Blessing of God [Numbers 6, 23-26]

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     » Our Lord and our God owns everything.
     » He redeemed us ("paid the ransom" and "bought us BACK" from sin and dearth) -
… with His own "Blood of the LAMB" which Jesus shed for us on the cross-
… and which the Risen Jesus became the "High Priest of the PASSOVER" who had to SLAY and to SACRIFICE the Lamb of the Passover
— for no person except the High Priest of the Passover is authorized to Kill Jesus
— only Jesus acting as the High Priest was able to sacrifice (is able to KILL) Jesus the Son!
Jesus was without sin … which means that no human being or devil could SLAY and Sacrifice the Passover Lamb, the ONE who is "... behold; the Lamb of God who taketh away the sins of the world." [John the Baptist]

Who are we?
We are Inchristi.
     » What does "inchristi" mean?
        … The Anglicized word "inchristi" is from the original, ancient Greek text: στοχριστί
     » How is the word inchristi used in the bible?
…"στοχριστί" (English: Christ in us AND we are in Christ) is word that in the Scriptures our brother and  Apostle Paul wrote and used most commonly, using "στοχριστί" as a salutation and sign-off for his Books and Epistles to the Church.
The original Greek word "στοχριστί" is best translated as:

     "Christ is in us AND we are in Christ."
Please notice that above are two different things: Him in us AND us in Him.
     » they are not "opposite" of each other:
     » rather they are the EXACT INVERSE of the each other … as follows:
----- » Jesus is IN US.
----- » AND we are IN JESUS.

Why is this important? 
Because the Apostles and authors of the Bible who were included by the modern-day Church in Laodicea (North America) is NOT USING any "canonized bible;"
----- » Instead they are using what the Fourth-Century *Roman Bureaucrats* chose to include, while these men also chose to EXCLUDE any documents which were written in Aramæan (including the books of Enoch and many, MANY other Holy Scriptures);
----- » Please note that those Roman Bureaucrats ere NOT Anointed by God, they were NOT INSPIRED by the Holy Spirit and they did NOT have the Authority to change anything in the Holy Scriptures: NO MAN has that authoriy! Only the Holy Spirit is he ONE who breathes out the LIVING Word of God.

Please also note that:
----- » Until 1860 ...
----- » there we many other books which were included other than the "modern-day bible" which you buy today!
One might ask "Why were many books EXCLUDED from the Bible in 1860?"
----- » the decision to exclude many of the **CANONIZED** books was done as a BUSINESS Decision!
This was a cost-saving and profit-increasing Busines Decision the *edited and revised by MEN*
 version(s) of this "new bible" cost  less to print and to ship!
……» This decision to EXCLUDE MANY books in the bible was NOT DONE by Jesus, by God the Father nor by The Holy Spirit ! 
That means: when any Modern-Day "biblical scholar" and "ordained-by-MEN" Pastor or Bishop, Preacher or Minister, Theologian or "Christian Apologist" —
----- » … or by anyone who has any GODLY Authority to CHANGE the Bible—
----- » because there are no men who are "authorized" to change the Holy Scriptures!
Only our Lord and our God Jesus - by the authority of the Holy Ghost, are authorized to Change ANYTHING in the Holy Scriptures! Period.

The "bible" which you may read or buy today is NOT the real Holy Scriptures.
----- » rather the bible has been CHANGED by those appointed by MEN modern-day corrupted,  church denominational "WORLDLY" organizations.

Please also note:
     » the only Scriptures which those "ordained by men church administrators" (who were Roman Bureaucrats) decided to include in the bible ONLY were those letters and books which were first written in Greek! They chose to automatically NOT CANONIZE ANY ancient documents which were written in the language which Jesus sand the Desciples and the Romans commonly spoke and Wrote— Aramæan! {aka sometimes called 'Aramian' et alii}
     » this arbitrary decision by the church + state Roman Bureaucrats was mostly because of their limited abilities and talents: they could not well translate ANYTHING which was written by the Apostles and Prophets or Evangelists who wrote letters and books in the Areamaic Language.

The primary reasons that this "wisdom of men" to exclude any language other than Greek and Latin was:
 ……because they were not fluent in the Aramaic language which were widely spoken across the Middle East at the time of Jesus.
…… neither were they fluent in the Hebrew language, which was the language of the Priests and the books of the Law and the Prophets.

But the problem today is . . . 
----- » The Apostles and Authors of the New Testament books and epistles did "canonize" the Book of Enoch, it was part of their "Holy Scriptures."
     » We know this because the book(s) of Enoch WERE often QUOTED directly quoted as *Holy Scriptures* by the Apostles, and remain in the "abbreviated for PROFIT" modern-day "Bible."
Again please note: That many of the  Scriptures — "the Bible today" —
…… which the Apostles and Eye-Witnesses of the Resurrected and Glorified Jesus (who were the authors of the New Testament)
…… ARE NOT in the "modern-day, canonized" Protestant bible which we read today.
Come, let us reason together . . .
If the Book of Enoch was good enough for the Apostle Jude, and for the author(s) of the Book to the Hebrews —
… as well as both Old and New Testament Books and letters and Psalms
… WERE in the Holy Scriptures —
Then they should ALSO BE Included in the 20th and 21st Century Bibles.
Shouldn't they?

Those same ROMAN BUREAUCRATS which summarily excluded any language other than Greek or  often Hebrews —
----- » They also EXCLUDED any other Christian from participating with them in this "canonization by MEN" process —
----- » if they happened to be JEWISH Christians!
Does this not make one physically ill: to realize that YOU are in fact OBEYING a doctrine written by Roman Beuceaucrats,
----- » who decided that they were not only "Smarter than GOD."
----- » But they also would have (and did) EXCLUDE ALL of the real apostles and servants of God from "their own special communion."
FACT: According to heir own rules: the Resurrected and Glorified KING of kings and LORD of lords JESUS Christ
 would have been "not good enough to participate."

Now that we know who exactly decided to exclude the Book of Enoch from "their own, private interpretation of the Scriptures;"
----- » and we know that Jesus and His Disciples and Apostles DID ACCEPT the Book of Enoch as being part of "the Holy Scriptures;"
Then: who do these many (virtually all?) of the modern-day, un-called, un-anointed and un-appointed by God "ordained-by-MEN " christians think that they are?
We know who they are. They are the false-prophets prophesied in the Bible, those wolves in sheep's clothing who would come in the last days.

If Jude and Paul and the other Apostles and Prophets heard and bwelieved that the Book of Enoch "is NOT Good Enough
" for them;
----- » IF they refuse to teach what Jesus and the Apostles taught and said —
----- » THEN Why are these false-teachers, the blind leading the blind, remain Shepherds over Jesus' Flock?

Are those men who gathered together in the name of Caesar… who became busy-bodies during the Fourth Century in Laodicea;
— the church which Jesus said was neither hot nor cold which He spews out of His mouth
— they must have thought themselves to be that much wiser and more holy than those whom Jesus Christ Himelf chose, anointed and ordained Himself?

We are assured that Enoch DID write many books, which still existed during the time of Jesus.
We also know that it is ignorant and irrational to presume that the books which Enoch wrote would not have been saved by NOAH!
     » Enoch's son was Methusaleh, the father of Lamech who was the father of NOAH.
     » The bible DOES NOT SAY that Enoch was "taken to heaven" as was the Prophet Elijah; the bible only says: "and he was not."
The bible does not tell us where Enoch was, only that he was not in the same place as were all the rest of the inhabitants of the world.
The question is:
IF: like NOAH, you were ordered by the Lord God Almighty,
    to spend 160 YEARS Building the Ark,
    and to take either two or seven of EVERY Creature on the earth,
    and to load up enough FOOD and water and Bedding for all of those creatures,
    and to load onboard Everything that Everybody needed to last them,
    and GOD Himself ordered you to take enough food and supplies to keep everything
       alive for One Year and 17 Days during the flood?
           [That's how long they were all on the ark before it landed on Mount Ararat.]
THEN: if you had been NOAH wouldn't you ALSO take your Grandfather Enoch's books with you?
     » Please think seriously about this question,
      » and answer it honestly: would you INTENTIONALLY … according to your own wisdom … (if you have any wisdom: if you had been alive for hundreds of years getting smarter and wiser every day) … have been certain to take Grandpa Enoch's Books with you on the Ark?

If you really trust Jesus then one ought to ask Him … if they care about His Word being both Faithul and true … then ASK HIM (and we must remember to "Wait upon the Lord" when we ask of Him for WISDOM — we must not wait a while and then decide to go out and find Our Own Answer for ourselves, thinking "This is what God Would have said if only He would answer me the way that I THINK GOD Would Say … because I HAVE OTHER THINGS to think about."

Please answer this honest and sincere question ... because
The only rational answer is: "Yes of course we would  take with us all of the writings of Enoch to share with the new inhabitants of the Whole Wide World — who will be our children — taking the WORD of GOD with us!"

And remember that Enoch wrote those books over the course of 
     » Three Hundred Sixty Five (365) Years!
And he was the only man in history that pleased God so much that God "took him"  {no, the bible does not say that Enoch was taken into heaven like Elijah, it only says: "By faith Enoch was taken away so that he did not see death, and was not found, because God had taken him”; for before he was taken he had this testimony, that he pleased God."
Please note: The Lord Jesus has led us to offer the best, most reliable verse of the Bible about Enoch: Hebrews 11:5 NKJV.

How and from where did we get this Book(s) of Enoch?
The oldest remaining and the most original "Ethiopic Bible" which has been preserved and CANONIZED by the oldest active Christian Church in the world, in Ethiopia.
We have scanned the oldest tranlsated document, and formatted into three types of modern-era digital media:
     1. This Website — available in both computer-friendly and mobile-friendly version
         Go-To » All Five Books Of Enoch — including The Book of NOAH (written by NOAH himself)
----- » this translated version is from the most ancient, and most reliable original documents preserved by the oldest continual family of Jews in the world and the saved by most Ancient Christian Church in the world;
----- » translated in America and registered and stored in the USA Library of Congress for over by an Act of Congress in 1852, translated from the oldest language biblical language available: Ethiopic.
     2. Downloadable (free) PDF — as a large single document PDF (separate Sections and Chapters).
Simply TAP or Right Click to download the full books »
     3. Downloadable (free) WPD and DOC formats — we only use the Professional-Grade Corel© WordPerfect™ desktop publishing software but we also convert it into the lower-grade, non-professional Microsoft© Word™ fomats. (coming soon, or contact us to send them all to you as a ZIP or RAR file - still all free to anyone who actually cares about what the Holy Scriptures really do say).

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